CA Solutions

Security risks arise from combinations of internal and external threats and vulnerabilities that are almost always created by people.  Our work spans Personnel Security, Cyber Security and Physical Security. We focus on what organisations need to do to deliver effective security plans and approaches appropriate to the types of threats, levels of risk and costs involved. Clients benefit from our extensive track record in human factors, recruitment and selection, individual profiling, competence management, organisational culture, asset management, and safety and business risk management.

We have undertaken a range of security-related projects including:

  • Analysis of candidate screening and vetting for use in recruitment and selection
  • Cost estimation methodologies for evaluating and prioritising security risks
  • Evaluation and specification of security requirements and solutions
  • Development of security capability maturity models
  • Development of competence frameworks and profiles for security staff and teams
  • Alignment of security risk with corporate risk management
  • Bespoke workshops and training for managers and business leaders
  • Design and production of e-learning

The CAS Culture Management Model is a key reference for UK Government work to promote secure culture.