Logic IT

Technology is a key part of your business, but if it’s down and you don’t have the right support, your business will grind to a standstill. This is where LOGIC IT step in, we believe in offering you the customer honest, transparent and reliable IT support.

  • IT Support – Reliable support all day and night to keep your business operational
  • Consultancy – Policy and advice to meet your business objectives and plan for the future
  • Backup & Security – We automatically backup your critical data safely and help protect you from viruses and identify risks
  • Cyber Security – Here at LOGIC IT we offer an independent information security consultancy, we will offer advice on how to help you identify the correct security needs for your business.
  • Cloud – We will introduce you to the Cloud and guide you through the different options, and deliver secure, flexible and scalable hosted solutions
  • Telecoms – We will guide you through the different options for Internet, mobile and landline communications, supplying a complete solution.